Kam Chancellor

Menacing Force Behind Boom

The Seahawks' D is scary, demanding respect. Strong safety Kam Chancellor makes it so. Robert Mays » Fleming: Seahawks' best friend? Penalty flags »Barnwell: Definitive breakdown »Picks, prop betsInsider   SB XLIX »

Ohio State Football

  • Oregon governor pays up on Ohio State’s title-game win

    Turns out Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber wasn’t trying to stiff Ohio Gov. John Kasich after all.

  • The Mailbox: Reader who misstated Cardale Jones’ age gets earful

    Good morning, readers. In another Mailbox twist, let’s start with a response this week, since most of my mail was about last week’s letters from Oregon, one asserting that Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones is 30 years old and another castigating Urban Meyer for directing the Buckeyes to score a late touchdown and thus embarrass the Ducks.

  • Sports report | NFL: Officials will use tablets for reviews in Pro Bowl

    The NFL will test having game officials use tablets for video reviews in tonight’s Pro Bowl. Having the referee look at replays with a tablet to determine if calls are correct could lead to eliminating the official going “under the hood” for reviews.

  • Daily line

  • Daily line

  • Bob Hunter commentary | Rumblings: Ohio State's Braxton Miller still has an exit route

    Even though quarterback Braxton Miller is enrolled for spring semester at Ohio State, that merely reflects the present and is not necessarily a prediction about the future.

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