Brett Hundley

Bruins Break Out

Brett Hundley's first pass was intercepted and returned for a TD. But UCLA's quarterback responded with two TD passes to lead 14-7. ChatLive   WatchLive   QBs' contrasting styles »USC's future »

Ohio State Football

  • The Mailbox: Reader wants to know what Braxton Miller has to say

    Mr. Stein: Certainly no one in the Ohio State football program is going to speak honestly, if at all, about what may happen next year with J.T. Barrett and Braxton Miller on the same team. There are other priorities now.

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  • Bob Hunter commentary | Rumblings: Ohio State's recruits exceed slots, so new signings on hold

    Ohio State might have worked itself into a numbers crunch with its 2015 football recruiting class, which stands at 21 commitments, three more than the Buckeyes have openings.

  • Investigation reveals more hazing, alcohol abuse by Ohio State marching band

    Ohio State University failed for decades to rein in its marching band and eliminate widespread alcohol abuse and sexual harassment, according to a follow-up investigation of the group that also uncovered some new instances of inappropriate and lewd behavior within the band. Now, former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery is urging Ohio State leaders to keep a closer eye on the band through a committee that would be led by the university president, and by hiring a compliance officer solely for the band to monitor the conduct of its students.

  • The Mailbox: Ohio State armchair quarterbacks fretting over ’15 already

    Ray: The debate over the quarterbacking duties for the 2015 season is heating up with regard to current quarterback J.T. Barrett and quarterback-in-waiting Braxton Miller. It may sound like nirvana to have Barrett and Miller on the roster at the same time, but it isn’t.

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