Jets Navigating Turbulence

The Jets were in a 14-0 hole. But Geno Smith and New York is atoning for their early mistakes. Live ReaxLive  Mundy's pick-sixVideo  Smith-to-Kerley TDVideo

Ohio State Football

  • The Mailbox: Tossing rocks at little girl? Nice, Browns fans

    Editor: My 7-year-old daughter, Chloe, went to the Browns-Saints game last Sunday. It was her first NFL game and she proudly wore her Saints jersey — she is a huge Drew Brees fan.

  • University of Michigan football delivery by drone sacked

    WASHINGTON — When does a drone get grounded? When it becomes a political football. The University of Michigan Wolverines canceled plans to use an unmanned aircraft to deliver the game ball before kickoff today against the University of Utah at its Ann Arbor stadium after talking to U.S. aviation regulators.

  • Daily line

  • The Mailbox: Buckeyes fans’ angst kicks into overdrive after defeat

    At this time of year, two weeks past Labor Day and two months before Thanksgiving, the only holidays we get are totally obscure. Because of Ohio State’s loss last week, today is one — Pinata Day. The sports editor gets a day off from answering letters, but the OSU coaches are less enthused, as they are the targets of the sticks.

  • Video | Ohio State: Jonathan Waters marches with alumni band before game

    An emotional Jonathan Waters returned to Ohio State this morning to play in the alumni band. The former director of the Ohio State Marching Band was fired in July by the university after not addressing a "sexualized culture" in the band.

  • Ohio State marching band pays tribute to D-Day

    In addition to a quadruple Script Ohio, the Ohio State marching band paid a tribute to D-Day by performing a quadruple "USA" with a huge flag in the center during halftime of the OSU-Kent State game today.

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